The Glory of Liège

Liège Waffle / Gaufre de Liège

It’s so weird to think these aren’t made anywhere anymore. Sure, there are hundreds of waffle stands across Belgium and beyond, but they all do the modernized version of the waffle, robbing it of its history and magic. In most cases, absolutely none of the ingredients being used are period-correct; the product is bland and lifeless. It’s a culinary tragedy.

I want the world to taste the little guy above. A luscious blend of Mexican vanilla, orange blossom honey, muscovado, and the finest butter of Normandy. Nothing less should be tolerated 😉


6 thoughts on “The Glory of Liège

    • Hi, David. While it’s definitely going to be best the day after its first overnight in the fridge, it stays pretty good for 2 days after that. So I am making a batch right now (Friday), and I’ll be using the last of it on Monday without any problem.

  1. I’ve convinced my future husband that we must make this recipe, and that if it’s as delicious as it looks than we will be making this a weekly Sunday morning breakfast treat. Oh and I’ve also told him, not asked but told, that we will be buying a proper cast iron waffle iron in the future.

    • The iron is truly where the magic is. The heat retention of that much metal is what allows the waffle to cook perfectly, while achieving the caramelization on the outside. I’m sure it will still be pretty tasty without 15 kilos of iron though 😉

  2. Wow. That looks amazingly delicious.

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