New Liège Waffle Recipe

After quite a bit of work, I’ve developed a new and highly authentic recipe.


It’s also part of my new all-metric waffle blog. Though I know few people will want to take on the recipes, they may be some of the finest waffles you’ll ever taste. Enjoy the new recipe and the new site.


3 thoughts on “New Liège Waffle Recipe

  1. What sort of difference (quality or taste) does the cast iron waffle maker have over a more commercial US waffle maker? I am looking at and trying to determine the difference in taste between their $186 “semi-professional” waffle maker and the $693 VH – FWI – 01. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Yes, I am admittedly a Francophile, so there is some bias. However, I have done much more research than I ever touched on in that exchange with Mr. Pitteurs…

    I feel very confident that Liège waffles are essentially a French creation, later popularized in Belgium. The gist is that, while Holland and Belgium were hotspots for waffles in the 16th and 17th centuries, France and Germany were where almost all 18th and 19th centuries come from. But France was the only one where dough-based recipes were coming about. Although this probably is close to the content of the exchange I had with Mr. Pitteurs, here’s more detail:

    As for the iron, Mr. Pitteurs was likely correct about the Liège iron springing out of what was done with Brussels irons. So the deeper the better. Something like this is probably the closest to the original the — although the HVD type depth ones (shallower) may have come about soon after. I wish I knew how to confirm which came first though.

  3. I was all set to make your old recipe, and might still make it first. Otherwise, if the new recipe is much better, the old recipe may seem like a disappointment, even though I’m sure it tastes great. I was just glad to finally find out (a few years ago) what the name was of the dense, sweet Belgian waffles I had when I was in Belgium in the late 70’s- because it sure wasn’t the “state fair style” Belgian Waffle that’s ~95% air.

    What I’m more intrigued about is whether you settled the Liege waffle origin debate with Benny Pitteurs. I used to be on your side, although now that I see you are a bit of a francophile, I wonder if your views are a bit skewed (like a true frenchman).

    Regardless, did you ever come to a conclusion about which model of waffle iron that Benny offers will make the best Liege waffle?

    It seems like I should be less concerned about the block grid count (4X7, 3X5, etc.), and more concerned with the block profile/size/shape/spacing, since the Liege waffle doesn’t fill the iron anyway. It just needs to have enough area/blocks for the dough to spread out.

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