New Experiment #4

The recipe I posted yesterday – Revisiting the 1840s – is definitely the one I’d have anyone else make, but below is a new blend I mixed this morning. It’s just my shorthand version, without directions.

It creates a lower yield of dough … enough for five 100g waffles (to which 27g of pearl sugar is added, per waffle). It also trims back the water, yet ups the egg, butter, muscovado, and vanilla. I’m particularly psyched about the amount of vanilla in this round. It works out to one whole Mexican bean in each waffle. No sense skimping, if more of anything is what’s needed.

The texture should turn out slightly lighter and softer than the last version, and the color will be an even deeper cream. I just keep tinkering, hoping I can go from something great to something transcendent. I’ll have a better idea once I bake one up in the morning.


50g egg (warm)

49.7g mineral water @ ~110°F

80g all-purpose flour

2.32g T-58 yeast


45.4g all-purpose flour

66.6g whole wheat pastry flour

3.9g dark rye flour


47.5g egg (warm)

27.3g dark muscovado

3.72g Île de Ré salt

13.6g orange blossom honey

5 Mexican vanilla pods


130.8g beurre d’Isigny @ ~60°F



2 thoughts on “New Experiment #4

  1. Nice to see that you are back with new posts. I found your recipe a few years ago, and really enjoyed it. I appreciate you passion for waffles–I have ~25 waffle irons, mostly the late 1800’s stove top cast iron types, which I use regularly.

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