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  1. I’ve made this using your recipe and it’s been incredible.

    Just a couple questions – why not use all milk as opposed to milk and water?

    Also, have you tried using chilled browned butter?


    • I use both milk and water because milk isn’t a historically accurate ingredient, but I do like the flavor and texture it helps impart. So I do a little of each. And browned butter, too, isn’t a historically accurate ingredient + I’ve rarely noticed much difference in flavor in waffles where I’ve used it.

  2. Help Please……….The recipe calls for whole milk. But that stuff is impossible to find in Canada. What would be the next best thing. 3% milk, or half and half….or Homogenized….or a mixture of a couple…… any ideas. I want to go exactly by the recipe to yield the best results. If you could email me that would be really appreciated.

    • Hi, James. Sorry for the delayed reply. Whole milk here is about 4% fat, so you can do 3% with a splash of half-and-half in it.

      • I am surprised that nobody is questioning the butter. Using American sweet cream butters will not taste the same as using European style butters with more fat content. I prefer Kerry’s Gold for my waffles and Plugra on the second place. Also, tried 4-5 different types of flour and somehow I always comeback to King Artur bread flour. Not sure why. Somehow using All purpose flours did not created to correct texture. Waffle somehow lighter. Looking for some feedback

  3. Which grind of King Arthur flour do you use for the Liege? Is it the ‘all purpose’ or ‘bread flour’? Is there another brand of flour that is successful in the recipe that is less expensive?
    How much do you sell the waffle dough for and do you ship it frozen?
    Thanks for the recipe, I’m excited to try it.

    • King Arthur Bread flour is all I would use. No other bread flour that costs less has as high of a protein content, so the result would be substandard until the recipe was reformulated to account for the reduced protein. And I don’t sell any of these — just make them for myself, friends and family 🙂

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