My Other Waffle Passion

I have yet to fully gear-up and add a lot more content to my Liege waffle blog here. The reason? I’m very actively maintaining a blog devoted to my other waffle passion . . . the pumpkin waffle. Check out the Ultimate Pumpkin Waffles Recipe. I’ve spent the last 2 years working on the recipe, and after about 80 batches, it’s amazingly delicious. Now I’m even working on a second incarnation of it with a completely different texture profile.


2 thoughts on “My Other Waffle Passion

  1. Am I able to purchase waffles from you and then reheat ?
    I love waffles and a friend told me about yours.
    How do you reheat and preserve the original flavor and freshness.
    Friends and I have waffle parties and I would love to surprise them with these when it is my turn.

  2. Nice picture of the waffle!

    If you’re ever in the Cincinnati area, stop by at Findlay Market by the Taste of Belgium store. There is another store in Columbus at the North Market. We make liège style waffles and we have some great seasonal variations, one of them being ….. PUMPKIN WAFFLE!

    We can also ship them (but we don’t have a webstore yet).

    The web address is

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